Happily the Government have now included British history in the curriculum in English Schools.  In particular Medieval history is taught in Keystage 3,  Years 7 and 8 of high school.


A visit from The Company of the White Hart can support your teaching of the subject by bringing the period to life for the students whether they are primary or secondary.


We are able to offer an archery display, including a talk by Andy on the history of the longbow and it’s place in the Medieval world. In Andy’s own words “press the red button… it’s interactive!!!”.


Should you require it we can bring the food of the medieval period to life,  Kathy can involve the students in making bread, using recipes from the age,  Emily can make butter right in front of the student’s eyes and we can transfer this into an activity that the children can do themselves.


We always come dressed in the clothing of the time and are able to explain to the children the uses of each garment that we are wearing.  Emily also  has games from the period that she is able to play with the children.


We are insured through Shooters Rights and have £10 million Public Liability Insurance.


Each event will have a risk assessment done beforehand.  We do after all carry weapons and we want to protect both ourselves and the children.  If we cannot visit you before the day of the event this will be taken from the information you have given us over the phone and /or on your booking form.  All archery displays are done with a double rope between us and the children, both for our safety and theirs.


If you are interested in booking us for your school please complete the contact form and we will get back to you.